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Raving Al Bhed, Walking Pocky, Final Fantasy Friends, and Wallscrolls out the wazoo!

*Flops onto his bed in exhaustion* Metrocon kicked ass. To start off, the first day I spent 45 dollars in five minutes on a Chi and Dark Chi wallscroll that is HUGE, a Kuroneko bobble head that is absolutely adorable, the first volume of the Chobits manga, an Utena movie poster, and the entire Queen Emeraldas manga saga (four issues which only cost me four bucks). Then I happened across a Yaoi/Yuri panel for the discussion of Yaoi and Yuri (Duh!) which entertained me for a good two hours. I met a girl named Lindsey and a guy named Jake who are really good friends and big yaoi fans who were my constant companions that day. I ended up getting SN's from them so we could keep in touch. Awesome people. Then I watched a little bit of the free anime they had playing. DNAngel is awesome.

Later that evening, Jessica managed to get there and we registered for the Final Fantasy X Ball, supposed to be set in Luca. Jessica and I were the first ones on the dance floor. I can't recall what song they played but we did the Waltz for the Moon all by ourselves with the rest of the crowd looking on. Awesome. Jessica and I went as Al Bhed, and we met three others. Amy, Jeff, and Chris were great! There was a stage set up in front of the dance floor for the skits by the official cast members playing Yuna, Wakka, Auron, Tidus, Rikku, and Seymour. So, about twenty minutes into the dance we asked the DJ to play something with a quick beat to it. He put on Sandstorm from DDR for us. So we cracked out our glow sticks and charged the stage, five Al Bhed, and raved through the whole thing. People were cheering us on, taking pictures, and some were screaming "Blasphemers!" (very in character). But regardless, they loved it, and they applauded us afterwards. Then after another ten minutes of sweating and catching our breath, Suteki Da Ne came on. Me and Amy danced and did a rather good job of it, so I was rather proud of my dancing accomplishments.

Now for the fun stuff. We're Al Bhed, so of course we weren't just going to be all nice and quiet. We booed everytime someone did the Prayer of Yevon. Then about an hour into the ball, we decided to try and abduct Yuna. We just walked up all quietly and surrounded her, Me and Jessica grabbing her arm and the others joining in a tug-o-war over her with Wakka and Tidus. Then up comes Auron who breaks up the fight and Seymour to place a hand on Jessica's shoulder and say very calmly "Leave her be." So of course she sticks her tongue out at him. We then received a thorough chewing out from Rikku. Chris was very entertaining with his whole "You shame us little sister!" bit. It ended with us all kind of sneering at Rikku as she walked off and me hissing at her. Then Jessica stole his blitzball and incited a round of the "Yevon is wrong!" game with Wakka. Very fun. Soon after, the organizers of the convention were married at the Ball. So sweet!

The ball progressed from there and by the time it was near the end of the night the cast was out of character since they were done with the skits. We became good friends with Yuna and Wakka, or Rudy and Hannah as I call them now. Hannah is the biggest sweetheart I've ever met and Rudy is just awesome. So we sat down and watched the videos of Final Fantasy that the con people had scrounged together and I saw one to "Breathless" which was absolutely amazing. I'm still looking for it. Then we went home to rest up for the next day.

Jessica's mom drove us the next day and of course we ran all over the place, playing DDR, Para Para, Sailor Moon SuperS Fighter, watching anime, and buying merchandise. Then we started socializing with some of the people there. We befriended a Fei Fong Wong, A Reno, and I was socializing with all the Yaoi fans. We ended up hanging out with Fei and Reno and watching all sorts of animes and just generally having a good time. Then Jessica was asked to be Elena in the FF gag skit that Reno was in, along with a bunch of other FF characters. It was hilarious, though not quite as funny as the Kodama from Princess Mononoke doing a maraca dance. *Falls off his chair laughing at the memory* Then afterwards Jessica stole Reno's handcuffs and handcuffed herself to a Vash for about half an hour. That was amusing. Then after that ordeal was dealt with I bought a set of Maetel Legend figurines that I'm displaying proudly on my dresser now along with the resing Doctor Sane that the salesman threw in for free since we had discussed Maetel Legend in depth earlier. Awesome deal. Shortly after, we went home again.

This morning, Chris was finally able to go so he came over to our house and rode out with us. Jessica was wearing a sleeveless black spandex turtleneck that she ditched in favor of a bikini top and the title of "Fanservice Girl" rather than Al Bhed. So she loaned Chris her goggles and turtleneck which fit him perfectly, making him an Al Bhed along with his zippered military boots and black pants. Very awesome look for him. We hung out with Fei (who had changed his costume to Miss Cloud today.) and played Para Para for a while, then sated Chris's Pocky addiction with three boxes of Strawberry Pocky and one box of Chocolate Mousse Pocky. Of course, I had a little bit more money today so I bought a shirt of Yu Yevon screaming "Spooooooon!" (if you don't get it, play FFX. You will.) and the second volume of Chobits. Then we watched the cosplay contest. There was a girl who actually went as a giant box of strawberry Pocky. It was freakin' awesome! Then I watched the AMV contest. There were some amazing videos. But my favorite was "Ninja of the Night" overlayed over Naruto. You should download the MP3 of "Ninja of the Night" just to hear it. But over Naruto? People were squeeling for ten minutes straight. And now for my favorite part. The night before, we had been discussing with Hannah that since she was Yuna and we were Al Bhed we could abduct her and make a show out of it, and she loved the idea. And even better, two of the Al Bhed from the ball were Gourry and Lina today so they kind of joined in as fellow theives. ^_^ So after the AMV contest, we found her in the dealer room, Chris grabbed her, while Lina, Gourry, and I held off Tidus the guardian who was with her. We got her all the way across the lobby when Tidus comes charging after us with a blitzball. He hurled it at us and out of nowhere I pulled of this awesome sidekick and sent it flying right back at him. He was hit in the chest and played it out well, falling over. We then staged a fist fight which knocked me back to guarding Yuna while Lina cast Dragon Slave on him. She then ran away from the blitzball and left Gourry and Chris to fight him off. So Chris was a victim of Tidus's fist, falling back to guard Yuna. Gourry borrowed a bust sword that was about a foot taller than him from a nearby Guts from Berserk. He got in a few good swings at Tidus before Tidus ducked under a swing and uppercutted him (staged of course) at which time Yuna slipped away and was reunited with Tidus to racous applause from the huge crowd that had gathered. And the whole time there was a camera video taping. I don't know if it was personal video or a news camera. I hope the latter. Then I'll most likely be on the news since that was the biggest event of the day. I was the asked to pose with six different people for photos and asked for two photos by myself. Bad ass. Then, we bid Hannah farewell as she told us to email her and keep in touch. We attended the ending ceremonies, where there was a memorial video of the con. I was in a shot of several people chicken dancing on the stage during the cosplay intermission and Jessie was in a shot of the FF gag skit. Awesome. Then they played one of the best Music videos that I have ever seen. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind (One of my favorite anime's ever) set to Legends (from Legend, one of my favorite movies ever). Never before has a video given me goosebumps. It was so powerful. If anyone knows where to download this video please tell me. I want a copy of it for myself. It's so amazing. Then we lounged about in the lobby as the people slowly filed out to leave and waited for about an hour for our ride. Very relaxing. So now I'm trying to track down the three music videos that I was so taken with and enjoying my relaxation, though my arm is still sore from raving all night the first night. >_< Oh well. It was worth it. Not bad for my first con.

Oh, by the way, I don't know the exact URL, but Hannah has a very nice website for her cosplays. Go to google and look up Hanime's Heaven. She has some very nice pictures of her costumes. She's a sweet girl and her site is worth checking out. ^_^

Well, I must go out and ninja in the night.
Ninja-ing in the Night,
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