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I'm just happy for the sake of being happy I guess. I'm talking to Justin so that could be part of it. ^_^ But I also got in about 12 hours of sleep so that could help too. >3 My bed is so shnuggly shoft.

Well, I finally got my Chobits wallscroll hung up. I had to force straight pins into the wall with my bare hands which wasn't easy and kinda bruised my fingers since my mom wouldn't trust me with the hammer. But it was worth it for the end result. I love my Chii. ^_^ Not as much as I love my Justin though. *Swoon*

Well, not much else has gone on today. I spent about two hours staring at the ceiling and just spacing out yesterday, and somehow I enjoyed it to no end. If only all of life were that easy.

My poor baby is all depressed today, but he knows that I'm always going to be there for him, so just know Justin, whatever happens, I'm here to talk, and to love you forever. *Sigh* I love love.

Well, since that's essentially everything worth talking about that's happened in the past few days, I guess I'll stop rambling and let you all get back to your lives.

Staring at the ceiling,
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