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*Bounces happily*

Slayers Season One: Done
Slayers Excellent OVA: Done
Slayers Next: Waiting to receive files
Slayers Try: In Progress
Slayers Movies: In Progress
Haibane Renmei: Done

My anime collection is slowly expanding. I plan on looking for Risky Safety next month. It's too cute! And if it's at all possible I wanna track down Eps of Angelic Layer. I saw an AMV of it at Metrocon that was absolutely stunning and really made me wanna see the series. ^_^

Anywho, not much going on here. I'm waiting rather impatiently for my chair, curtain, and comforter to come in. I desperately want my chair. Then I'll be able to lounge in front of my TV in comfort, rather than having to deal with a stiff neck after watching a movie. ^_^ It should be in either today or tomorrow, but I hope it's today. I really want it!

And on a final note, I love you Justin!

Bouncing around excitedly,
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