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I'm bored. Bored bored bored. I wish Justin would log on so I could chat with him, but alas, no Justin. I've been download Angelic Layer all morning and I'm just now on the fourth episode. It's so good! And the opening and ending themes are awesome!

Well, yesterday I went over to Disney World. We have premium passes so we get in all year long, even for special occassions, and we also get into Disney Quest and all the water parks. Fun. So me and my mom went over to eat lunch and just hang out for a while. My brother is with my aunt in South Carolina for the weekend so it's peaceful around here. But boring none the less. So we picked up and went over to eat at the Main Street Cafeteria. It's a buffet but oh so good. We waited for half an hour to get in, in the boiling hot sun, sweating and generally not having fun. But it was worth it. Then we stopped in a clothing store on the way out and picked up a nice shirt for my senior pictures in a few days with a Mickey Mouse on the pocket. It's pretty cool looking. Then we went by my favorite store. Villains in Vogue. It's got all sorts of Disney Villains merchandise. It's so awesome. I got a plush Maleficent (The Dragon form. So cool.) and a new Maleficent pin bringing the count on pins up to four. ^_^ We plan on having the guy take a portrait of me wearing my Disney villains t-shirt with my villains poster we just had framed, holding my stuffed Maleficent, and generally with anything of the villains I can scrounge together. That's gonna rock for me. Then I came home and logged on AIM to chat with Justin. The usual night, and I loved it. *Swoons* Now I've just been bored all day with nothing to do but download anime. Oh well.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I can go see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen if my mom is alright with that. She seemed open to the idea, but she's as changable as the wind. Well, I guess I'll stop rambling now and let you all get back to your lives while I get back to waiting for Justin. *Waves* Bye bye all!

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