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Ho hum...

Well, I went to the mall today with Jessie and Rudy. They're so cute together. ^_^ Kinda made me jealous that I didn't have Justin there to cuddle. :( But oh well, I got a copy of Soul Reaver 2 and a whole shitload of rubber bracelets out of it, so I'm okay. And since I'm talking to him on AIM right now, I'm happy anyway. Well, not much other than that has gone on today, so yeah. I did add a few little tweaks to my journal and now I like my layout even more. Custom scrollbar, page transitions, and a neat effect on my links. You like?

Well, since I have nothing else to say here, guess what I'm gonna do?

For those of you who guessed I was gonna do another survey, you've won a lifetime supply of...

Nothing. ;p

Name: Kamden
Age: 17
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 112
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Sexuality: Gay
Location: Florida. ^_^
Job: Looking at the moment. Disney Store seems likely.
Hobbies: Collecting Anime, Pocky Boxes, Disney Villains Memorabillia, and assorted intresting nicknacks. I also enjoy making banners for no good reason other than to just make them. Not that they're very good, but I still make them. ^_^; And of course, constantly changing something about my LJ.
Car: 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix, Red. ^_^
Describe Yourself: I'm a perky little bugger, and I've been told that no matter what mood someone is in, my smile is infectious. I have but to talk to them and smile, and if rubs off. ^_^


Do you Smoke?: Nope. Never will.
Do you Drink?: Nope. Never will.
Are you a virgin?: No, unfortunately.
Have you ever fallen off your roof?: Nope.
Have you ever had a crush on a friend?: Yush. But I got over it.
Do you Snowboard?: I want to learn how.
Do you Skate?: I couldn't skate for the life of me. I trip enough as is, but put wheels under me and I'm going to get to know Mr. Floor very intimately.
Can you Swim?: Yes, very well actually.
Can you Ride a Bike?: Yush. But nothing really beyond the basic pedaling and staying upright.
Have you ever been to South America?: Sadly no. I've never left the country.
Have you ever eaten glue?: Nope. Tis not good for you.
Have you ever been sucked under a river current?: No, but I've been caught in an undertow in the ocean.
Do you enjoy holding hands with your lover/bf/gf?: If he was here right now I would be holding his hand, so yeah. ~_^
Does two guys/two girls making out in public irritate you?: Ummmmm, I'd probably BE one of those guys. >_>
Have you ever been poisoned?(intentionally): No, but I'm sure that someone would like to.
Has anyone tried to kill you?: Yup. Literally. Being chased around with a butcher knife is not fun.
Have you ever tried to kill someone else?: No. I'm too nice (read: intelligent) to do something that violent.
Do you get along well with adults?: Better than most people my age.
Do you find yourself shy around beautiful people?: Sometimes. I'm very shy around Justin, and he's the most beautiful person I've ever seen so I guess, yeah.
Have you ever broken any bones?: Yup. My collar bone when I was in Kindergarten.
Have you ever fallen off a trampoline?: No, but I fallen ON a trampoline and popped my knee. It's an intresting sensation for the ten seconds before the searing pain sets in.
Have you ever had plastic surgery?: Nope. If I ever did it would be to reduce my adam's apple though. >_<
Do you enjoy getting shots?: Not particularly, but it is an intresting sensation every once in a while. Just as long as it's not to draw blood. Then I near to pass out.
Do you find yourself dependant on medication?: Nope.
Have you ever starved yourself?: No. But I don't get much food anyway since the rest of my family is fat and eats everything decent in the house.
Have you ever had a heart attack?: No, but my family has a history of them.
Do you enjoy pain?: Not in great amounts, but I do sometimes find getting bitten lightly kinda feels good, the way it stimulates the nerves I guess. *Shrug* >_>
Do you enjoy seeing others in pain?: No. Unless I absolutely and truly despise that person, and even then I am compelled to help them, regardless.
Do you hate people who hurt others?: Yes. I despise mean people.
Do you ever wish you had killed yourself when you tried?: Nope. Then I wouldn't be here to enjoy Justin's love. ~_^
Do you want to kill yourself now?: Not in the least. Quite the contrary. My life is perfect right now. Well, as perfect as it could get at this point without having a job. >_<
Have you ever tried to end your life:? Once, but never again. I didn't even finish the job. I made a tiny cut on my wrist and realised what I was doing before I put down the knife. I still have the scar.
Have you ever tried to eat a tub of ice cream?: Tried. Didn't succeed though. Damn. ^_^
Did you ever think of others as below yourself?: Only if I know that they are truly idiotic and don't even make an attempt to be good people. i.e. Men who beat they're girlfriends/wives.
Do you wish you had other talents?: I do wish I could draw as well as most of my friends. I'm told that my singing is good, and that my poetry is too, so really, that's enough for me.
Have you ever found yourself being admired?: Yes. Several times actually. I have several little children in my family who look up to me as the oldest in my generation of the family. And I've also been admired in other ways... >_<
Do you wish you were somewhere else?: I wish I was with Justin right now. :(
Do you enjoy being cold?: No. I can't stand being cold. Cold is the bane of my existance.
Do you enjoy being hot?: Not hot persay. I enjoy being warm, a moderate temperature that doesn't chill me, but I don't like to be all sweaty and sticky either.
Do you enjoy your sexuality?: Yes I do. I find being gay quite comfortable. It does have it's downsides, but I also have alot of friends today because of it.
Do you wish you we're someone else?: Nope. Then Justin wouldn't love me. ^_^
Do you wish you had more material possesions?: Well, I think most everyone does. I do want a few things here and there, but for the most part, I'm rather content with what I have.
Do you enjoy sex?: Well, of course. It's quite pleasurable. But if I had to, I could live without it.
Do you ever wish you had someone whom you could confide in, someone more like you?: I do have someone like that. ^_^ Three guesses who. ;p
Have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel? No. I'm to much of a cautious driver for that.
Have you ever hurt someone elses feeling on purpose?: No, I have too strong of a conscience for that. If I did, I'd never let myself forget it.
Do you enjoy hurting other people?: No.
Do you enjoy seeing justice done?: Beyond doubt. I've had quite a few injustices in my life that were never resolved so seeing justice served is kind of a personal drug.
Do you wish life had a fast forward or rewind putton?: Sometimes. I'd fast forward to this summer. ^_^
Do you wish you could stop time?: Sure. I'd freezeframe on me and Justin kissing. ^_^
Have you ever thought about life being more then what you think?: Oh yeah. All the time.
Do you enjoy deep thinking?: Yup. I even do it at the most inopportune times. I'll have an intresting thought and space out on it.
Do you enjoy reading?: Yush. I love reading. Isobelle Carmody ownz.
Do you enjoy relaxing?: Yup. I'm relaxing on my bed right now as I take this survey. ^_^ Laptops rock.
Do you enjoy sleeping?: More than I should. If I didn't have the motivation of more intresting things to do with my life I'd most likely spend all day in bed. >_<
Do you enjoy feeling sleepy?: Not really. I enjoy sleeping, but feeling tired when I'm doing other things isn't amusing at all.
Have you ever been forced to do something that you wished you could have stopped?: Yup. And Justin knows what I'm talking about.
Have you ever forced anyone else to do something against their will?: Nope. At least, nothing that wasn't playful.
Have you ever enjoyed watching the sunset?: All the time.
Have you ever enjoyed hearing birds sing?: Oh yeah. Just not at three in the morning. >_<
Do you enjoy feeling lonely? No. I hate feeling lonely. I enjoy solitude sometimes, but only when I'm in a bad mood.
Do you enjoy feeling sad/depressed?: Does anyone?
Are you depressed?: Nope.
Do you enjoy taking your anger out on others?: Nah. But I have kind of a short fuse sometimes and I do anyway, however unintentionally.
Do you ever wish you had not said those few words?: A few times. I've said some things in the past that I wish I could take back, but I think we all have.
Do you wish you could stop the way people think?: Only those who think that they have the right to cause suffering to other people based on things they can't help, like race, sex, or age.
Do you enjoy eating sweet foods?: Yush. I'm addicted to sugar, as unhealthy as it is.
Do you hate eating food period?: No, I wish I could get ahold of more food. My family are pigs, I swear.
Do you worship people?: Just one. And he knows who he is. ~_^
Do you believe in God?: No. I have several personal reasons that I'm not gonna disclose to the public as to why, but if you're a friend and you wanna know, then you can feel free to ask me.
Do you hate God?: No, I don't hate God. I may not believe in him, but I don't hate him.
Do you believe in Satan?: No.
Do you hate Satan?: Dunnno. If I believed in him then I might.
Have you ever tried to make a deal with the devil?: Nope.
Have you ever asked God for something, and got it?: No.
Have you ever skydived?: I want to. ^_^
Have you ever wanted to ride a horse, but never have?: I rode a pony once when I was like three, but that was way to young to remember much. I just remember it happened. I wanna ride a real horse someday. I love horses.
Have you ever wanted to eat all the ice cream in the world?: Nah, it'd ruin my girlish figure. ~_^
Do you enjoy eating like crazy?: Only if it's really good food, like crab legs. I could eat a restaurant out of crab legs. I shit you not. My appetite for them is voracious and insatiable.
Do you have a rare eye, hair combinmation? Like mist, black, red brown etc?: Not really. Unless you count the fact that my hair is really variable in color. It's blonde, but could be taken for red I guess.
Do you like Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior better (game geeks only):P?: Well, I haven't played any of the actual Dragon Warrior games, but Dragon Warrior Monsters is one of my all-time fave games ever. It's so frickin' fun! If the rest of the DW series is that good then I'm sure I'd take it over FF anyday, but as is, I gotta go with FF.
Do you enjoy porn?: Meh. Thinking of Justin is enough for me. ~_^
Have you ever starred in a porn?: Nope. But apparently I could according to certain people. ;p
Do you hate this quiz? Nope. I found it quite amusing.
Would you like more from this author?: Of course. ^_^

Well, enjoy.

Huggling Justin,
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