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I'm in a rather good mood. I got up this morning and was determined to get somewhere in Xenosaga. And strangely enough I did. I haven't played the game in forever but for some reason when I picked up the controller today I was in the zone. I figured out how to use Shion's Spell Ray with little to no trouble at all, and I took out Minotaur on the Woglinde in a matter of five minutes, no problem. Right now I just got to the first appearance of Ziggaurat 8 and saved. I then decided to take a break and chat with Justin for a while. ^______________^ He sent me some really good pics, so I'm happy. And I snapped him a few as a treat. ^_^ Some of the best pics ever taken of me. At least, in my opinion.

Oh, and if anyone is intrested, I got back my senior pictures and got them scanned up, I just have to transfer them to my computer from my mothers and upload them. So if anyone is intrested in seeing those then just let me know and I'll link to you sometime. Also, later next week I'm going to have some senior portraits done professionally rather than by the school picture studio. I'm gonna be posing with my car, all my Disney Villains stuff, in my favorite outfits, I can do anything I want really and they'll take some portraits. I can't wait. I'm sure that they'll come out awesome and when I get them I'll be sure to upload them as well. ~_^.

Well, my day has basically just started so I don't really have anything else intresting to say beside how much I wanna see Justin and how much I love him, but I'm sure that everyone is well aware of that by now. ~_^ So I'll leave you to your day and be off to chat on AIM again. TTFN!

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