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Meh, my first day of school was today. It was okay. I had to deal with Mr. Mays whom I'd rather stab than listen to, and I had a hell of a time finding my way around with the renovations going on at our school. However I found out that our drama class is forming an impromptu childrens theatre company that will go around to the elementary schools in our area and put on a short play for all of them and teach them about acting. TOO COOL! Then I met my second period teacher. He's one of the funniest teachers I've ever seen. Then of course there was chorus. We have some cool music this year. We're doing Celebration, Get Happy by the Partidge Family, and Fields of Gold by Sting. Awesome. We're also doing a madrogal (sp?) from around the 1500's. Very nice music. And on top of that I got the CD recording of the Showcase of Showchoirs that we performed at last year, and our choir sounded amazing. I love it!

Well, that was essentially my day, now I'm gonna skim over my CDs and then log onto AIM to talk to my J-chan. ^_^ Well, TTFN!

Humming Merrily,
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