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Average day over all. The only thing really big was the casting of the play and I couldn't have called it anymore accurate.

The asshole that the teacher likes showed up with a class transfer form on the last day of auditions, knowning nothing of the part, and sucking at it, and he got Beanie. I wish to stab him. But oh well, I'm Hansel. And considering that Hansel has downed so many sweets, I figure he's on a sugar-high. So I get to be energetic. There's only one problem with this role, but I'd have it with any of the other male roles.

I HAVE TO KISS A GIRL! I've never done that before! It's just not right! But my friend Morgan is playing Snow White so I don't feel quite so awkward about it. Funny thing is, she's never been kissed, so yeah. We'll be each other's first. ~_^

Yeah, anyways, I've been sitting on AIM with nothing much intresting to do besides talk to Alex, but that was intresting anyway. ^_^ So now that Justin is on, Imma chat with him and leave you people's to your lives.

Waving idiotically,
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