You are not far away...

22 March

Yeah, I'm me. That's the simple way. But I suppose that if you want details I could go into how I'm gay, and I want to become a voice actor/novelist as a career. Or perhaps how I'm a big anime and video game fan. Maybe you'd be interested in the fact that I'm in a realationship with a guy that exceeds all my wildest dreams, which is quite a rare find for anyone now a days really.

Yeah, you can tell I'm kinda sarcastic as well. I live in South Carolina, moved here from Florida, moved there from Missouri. Hoping that after I finish college here that I'll either stay here and have that wonderful man of mine move here as well, or I'll hope to move up to Washington with him. ^_^ As for now, that's about all that's interesting about me. I'd ramble on about my hopes and dreams here, but that's what my journal is for, and it's friends only. I don't just add people who comment. I must know you and be well aquainted before I will add you. Also, my AIM SN is on privacy, so add me all you want, but unless I want to talk to you and add you back, you won't ever see me on. If you really wish to contact me then you're either an obsessive stalker or you should know how already because you met me somewhere else online and I would have given you my info. And that's enough rambling for now.

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Marriage is love.

Purple is love.